New Theme for Bloodforge

by filip 7. March 2010 16:09

I updated the look of the site so it doesn’t look like the default BlogEngine.NET theme. I’m not a graphic designer, but I think it could have turned out worse. It does look best in the latest version of Opera/Firefox (and probably Chrome and Safari…).

Hopefully IE will have support for border-radius and box-shadow soon… I’m not holding my breath though.


Updated Contact Page – Now with a reCaptcha

by filip 7. March 2010 01:15

I’ve added the reCaptcha to my contact page.  If anyone who has installed the reCaptcha wants to add it to their contact page, the files are available here.

These are just the updated contact page files.  You must have the reCaptcha already installed for these to work.


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New and Improved Comment System for BlogEngine.NET

by filip 2. March 2010 02:24

Update: When I switched hosting providers and upgraded BE.NET, I didn't migrate the changes to the comment system to the newer version.  This post describes my updates to version 1.x, but is no longer being used on my website.


BlogEngine.NET had a pretty decent commenting system, but it lacked some of the functionality I wanted in a comment system for my blog. So I decided to update it myself, which turned out to be a bigger deal than I thought it would be. Still, after a few evenings of work, I got my comment system. The following is a summary of the new additions.



Blogengine.NET – reCaptcha 0.93 Installation Instructions

by filip 26. February 2010 01:33

These installation instructions now apply to version 0.95

First, the linked ZIP file contains the updated files for installing the Recaptcha control.


  • Version 0.95 – Changed initial loading method to fix error that occurred in certain cases in IE. If upgrading from 0.94, you only need to replace the Recaptcha.cs file.
  • Version 0.94 – Logging fixes
  • Version 0.93 – Added logging.
  • Version 0.92 - The recaptcha will no longer get focus after it has been loaded. Install procedure is unchanged from version 0.91.
  • Version 0.91 - Changed the way that Recaptcha is verified.  It should no longer be possible to bypass the recaptcha by manually executing JavaScript on the page.
  • Version 0.9 - Initial Version


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Looking back… Bloodforge several years ago

by filip 24. February 2010 01:52

I’ve known about the Wayback Machinefor a while, but for some reason, I never visited the site – until today. It was such a strange feeling seeing what Bloodforge looked like back in 2001, and being able to see how it progressed over the years (the site was up since 1999 actually, but there is no record of that in the archive).




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